The Naamans of the World (2 Kings 5:1-15)

Tommy BoringTommy Boring, October 12, 2016
Part of the Blount County Community Tent Revival series, preached at a Revival service

There is a lot of people that think they are of great importance. Many think that since they haven't murdered anyone then they are a good person. But there is none good, no not one. Once you were born you were born into sin whether you wanted to or not. There are truly great people out in the world but if they haven't been born again then they have a great problem. One can dress in the best clothes one could find and attend the biggest church in town but neither of those things can cure sin. All that God needs is a little someone else to take His good news. God has a plan in your life and it doesn't matter the age, stature or ability. A Christian should be sharing the cure of sin to everyone they meet because they care. What if God isn't real? Then you'll die and it won't matter. But what if God is real? Then you'll want to prepare to meet Him.


About Tommy Boring: Tommy Boring is the current pastor of New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN.

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